Momby Feeding Seat

Momby Feeding Seat
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Comfortable for Baby, Convenient for Mother




The Momby feeding seat is an innovative light-weight baby feeding seat that can support your baby’s head, neck and back and improves comfort during feeding and promotes good position of baby at the breast feeding.


Mothers who have had long labors, instrumental deliveries and c/section can be faced with an unexpected difficulty in getting correct breast-feeding position. Momby feeding seat is invaluable in assisting with the establishment of correct breast-feeding position.


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Comfort and Convenience

Safe Positioning

Ergonomic Design
For Breast and Bottle Feeding.
Holds the baby in the correct position for mother to feed with confidence.
Relieves mother from back ache.




Correct Breast Feeding Position




Reduces the risk 
of Flat Head Syndrome



Reduces back, shoulder 
and wrist pain for mothers


Relieves the symptoms 
of reflux and colic


Relieves the symptoms 
of reflux and colic


Cradling approach






  • Use age : newborn infant ~ 6months
  • Colors : Blue, Pink, Yellow
  • Dimensions : Weight:180g. 
    Size: H: 60cm x W:21cm x D: 13cm
  • Materials : Outer: Cotton. / Inner: EVA or PE Styrofoam



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